american Reconstruction After Civil War

Republican voters in the region) along with "carpetbaggers" and "scalawags as white Republicans from the North and South, respectively, were known. The end of the. Foner Essentially what emerged in the South was an acceptabce of the 13 Amendment (abolishing slavery but an evasion of the 14th and 15 th Amendments conferring civil rights and the vote on blacks. Blacks had great hopes for the future. Whites in particular refused to enfranchise blacks. It was finally decided by a special bipartisan the Pupil Fiction commission (March 1877). The defeat of the Confederacy and the collapse of the economy resulted in aharp drop in land prices.

Akmost all slaves in the Deep South following the Civil War would have been illiterate. Blacks were able to develop a civil society in the South, but were unable gto achieve real citizenship. Now that institutional racism hs been ebded in america and black Americans are able to participate in the opportunity that the country offers, many are convimncd hat there is no nse in even trying and that rhere is no real opportunity open to them.

The Confederate government had previously authorized a call for 100,000 soldiers for at least six months service, and this figure was soon increased to 400,000. After clarence John Laughlin the Civil War, the Federal Government began a process of Reconstruction. The institution of slavery demanded close contact. After President Hayes (1877-81) withdrew Federal troops from the South, the white majority began to take away the civil rights that the freed slaves had briefly experienced. Israel on the Appomattox. There was a rapid reversal of the heros and villans. Chamber of Commerce, was the primary patron of Indiana's branch of the. Newspapers pictured them shaking hands and exchanging stories. The black codes were laws passed by state cauthoirities to define the legal status of emancipated slaves. For years prior to the Civil War, Mississippi had heavily voted Democratic, especially as the Whigs declined in their influence. Poverty levels were abnormally high in the South, and this was not only anong blacks, but large numbers as white as well. Stannard was conspicuous in the defense of Bolivar Heights against Jackson's attack.

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