through Enemy Eyes

English and American transport gliders; Waffen-SS and infantry; motorized two-gliders; parachutes on trees;. Lieutenant Brandi, a submariner. Newsreel 732 (14 September 1944 Youth help the war effort: members of Hitler Youth and League of German girls work in factories; Hitler Youth boys work on farm; on the East Prussian border, General Guderian speaks to Hitler Youth members (Axmann is present Hitler Youth. Newsreel 742 (23 November 1944 In Vienna, Major Nowotny's funeral, with Reich Party Director von Schirach present and Genera Dessloch speaking; Nowotny being decorated by Hitler. Newsreel 712 Hitler's birthday is celebrated, Nazi Party celebration on eve of birthday features Beethoven's Eroica Symphony and Goebbels speaking about the Germans' loyalty to Hitler (synchronous sound the Guard Regiment and Berliners march on Unter den Linden Boulevard, Berliners put up many Nazi flags. Training at an infantry school, final exercise, Lieutenant Colonel Baerenfaenger speaks to graduates (synchronous sound infantry song.

Training at a Navy blockade weaponry school, including classroom work and laying and clearing mines in field exercises. Libraries and Institutions Please Note: Educational Editions with public performance rights hamlet on the Modern Dilemmas of Today and digital site licenses are available. Newsreel 698 Recznizek directs his opera Donna Diana. A panoramic shot of the invasion fleet after the day has begun. Somewhere on the Easter Front, the Luftwaffe drops supplies for forward base, German artillery and infantry attack village, after which communication troops lay lines and parachutes from aerial delivery units are folded. German naval artillery intervenes in land battles near Memel, East Prussia: tank battle between Goldap and Gumbinnen; dead civilians in Nemmersdorf said to have been killed by Soviets; ground-attack planes attack Soviet tanks and infantry; aftermath of tank battle near Ebenrode.