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together with their father. Oklahoma law is long and detailed, but easy to understand. Idaho statutes contain a single sentence about grandparent visitation. 03/28/01) 795.2d 350, the First Circuit had no problem distinguishing the Louisiana statutes allowing grandparent visitation from the Washington statute. 494 (1977 which held unconstitutional a zoning ordinance forbidding a grandmother from living with her grandchildren who were siblings and cousins to one another, the court held that Dorothy Rivera possessed an important liberty interest in preserving the integrity and stability of her family. 2d 26, 448.Y.S.2d 377 (Fam. California grandparent visitation law is relatively liberal, except that grandparents cannot sue for visitation with children living in an intact family. 1996 Upon entry of a decree (for divorce or separate maintenance or a decree denying divorce the court may make such further decree as it shall deem expedient concerning the custody or visitation and support of the minor children of the parties as provided. Dorothy commenced a civil rights action under 1983, alleging that the state had violated her due process rights under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Oregon law falls into the category sometimes known as "psychological parent" laws. This led the lower court judge to conclude that visitation should be granted unless the mother could prove that the additional visits would have an adverse impact on the children.

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grandparent Visitation Rights

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745 (1982 courts have generally held that in the absence of a statute a sibling or half-sibling does not the right to visit the sibling over the objections of the parents. All states have some kind of grandparent visitation statute, and at one point these visitation rights were interpreted expansively. As the four oldest of the children reached majority, they moved out of the home and began living together. Mary Jane remarried and had two children with her new husband. Numerous factual scenarios can be posited where siblings or half-siblings are denied access to each other: (1) the siblings are placed in foster care in different homes; (2) the parents of an intact marriage can refuse to allow a minor child of the marriage. 1996 Any siblings who are separated due to a foster care or adoptive placement may petition a court, including a juvenile court with jurisdiction over one or more of the siblings, for reasonable sibling visitation rights. Before granting visitation under Article 136, the court must consider such things as 1) the length of time and quality of the relationship; 2) whether the child needs guidance which can be best provided by the relative; 3) the preference of the child, if the. Of course, it could also be argued that this decision has the effect of substituting a courts understanding of family relationships with the understanding of elected bodies, thereby allowing a mother, for whatever motives, to sever all relations to one-half the bloodline of the children.

497.2d at 218. 383, 560.2d 1276 (Ch. How the, troxel, decision Affects Other States, many states have permissive visitation laws similar to Washington's. The same result was reached in Sandor.