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over 2000 women for 10 years after a breast cancer diagnosis goes even further, showing it doesnt even matter how close you live to them or how much contact you have with them: just having friends is protective. But the big rewards come over a lifetime. Symister,., Friend,. Journal of Clinical Oncology,24(7. Your teeth will be healthier. The Journal of the American Dental Association, 134(12. Social support, stress, and depressive symptoms among the elderly: Test of a process model. Wang,., Wellman,. Holt-Lunstad,., Smith,.

Every field from astronomy and physics to ethics and economics has been influenced by the work of Aristotle. Take a moment to assess how you feel about your close relationships. Social networks, health beliefs, and preventive health behavior. The source of such a friendship is more emotional, and its often the most short-lived of the relationships. For most things, life is long enough. What kind of benefits?

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