afermative Action

Universities offer alternative admission requirements for students of aboriginal descent. 66 According to Brest, land belonging to Native Americans was reduced from 138 million acres in 1887 to 52 million acres in 1934.

97 Opponents of affirmative action suggest that merit should be the primary factor considered in applying for job positions, college, graduate school, etc. This process took more than twenty years to achieve. Furthermore, at the time of its introduction, segregation was still the law of the land barring blacks from the best institutions. Retrieved August 5, 2017.

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afermative Action

A Reaction To Frederick Douglas Vs Las Casas, The Right Course of Action,

99 Many opponents argue that this form of reparation is morally indefensible because if blacks were harmed for being black in the past, then preferential treatment for this same trait is illogical. Retrieved Indy fire-fighters sue city, charge bias; also see Norma. The students that are of top 10 in the applicants of the University of Texas are admitted and there are students that compete to barely make it in on the threshold, such as Abigail Fisher. Federal contractors who failed to comply or violated the executive order were punished by contract cancellation and the possible debarment from future government contracts. Bill Clinton, however, made his stance on affirmative action very clear in a speech on July 19, 1995, nearly two and a half years after his inauguration. 24 :5051 The committee, chaired by Vice President Richard Nixon, had minimal outcomes in that they imposed the contractors with the primary responsibility of desegregation within their own companies and corporations. Positive: Pre-Democracy, the apartheid governments discriminated against non-white races, so with affirmative action, the country started to redress past discriminations. Sozia": Berliner Gymnasien sollen mehr Schüler aus armen Familien aufnehmen. . After, the proportion will increase. Richard Kelly and Isobel White. Board of Education, de facto segregation continues in education into the present day.