the Life of Benito Jairez

1, 1861, Jurez returned to Mexico City to assume the presidency of a united Mexico. Antonio Lpez de Santa Anna had been driven from Mexico. Honorary) of the Pennsylvania Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (mollus).

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27 The Reform laws sponsored by the puro (pure) wing of the Liberal Party curtailed the power of the Catholic Church, confiscating Church land, and restricting the military, while trying to create a modern civil society and capitalist economy based on the model of the. 19 20 His wife's remains are buried in the Jurez mausoleum in Mexico City. He was raised by his uncle, after the death of his grandparents. The economy was crippled and there was severe damage to the infrastructure. Faced with growing opposition, Santa Anna was forced to resign in 1855. Following Jurez's graduation as a lawyer in 1834 and service as a civil judge in 1841, he became part of the Oaxaca state government, led by liberal governor Antonio Len (184145). They were welcomed by conservatives, who had been out of power since Jurezs return. Political career edit Early political career in Oaxaca edit Valentin Gmez Faras, who instigated a liberal reform in 1833, which Jurez supported. Mollus is a hereditary military society originally composed of officers who served in the Union armed forces during the American Civil War. Jurez and his elected government fled the capital and became a government in exile, with little power or territorial control. Comonfort then re-established the Congress, liberated all prisoners and then resigned as President.