the Gilgamesh Epic Story

temple, the holy sanctuary. May the mountains watch over thee and protect thee, and may the gates of Mashu be open unto thee! And Gilgamesh said unto Utnapishtim, the distant: What shall I do, Utnapishtim? When the seventh day drew nigh the tempest, the storm, the battle which they had waged like a great host began to moderate. On a fine, grand couch, on a fine couch Gilgamesh will let thee recline. Let him be resolute. O wife of the carpenter, like a mother unto me, had I but left it! The seas which thou hast crossed are dangerous; how didst thou maketh the journey? Enkidu heard this dream and said to him: My friend, this dream is favorable, for it tells us that we shall triumph over Humbaba. The forest shook with his bellows, and he sounded like Adad, the God of the Storm.

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the Gilgamesh Epic Story

He holds a tablet and reads before her, and Ereshkigal lifted up her head and saw. In front of the mountain a cedar stood of great splendour, fine and good was its shade, full of gladness sweetness and delight. The people of Uruk shall lament for thee, and the nations shall mourn for thee, and in mourning my hair shall become matted and into the wild I will wander in the skin of a lion. Let thy hand come forth and stroke my vulva. The remaining lines describing Enkidus death are lost. Why art thine features blasted by the weather, and why dost thou in lions skin wander? What, indeed, has become of the allallu-bird? O Enkidu, change thy wrong thoughts. Father Enlil answered him not. Difficult is the crossing, and extremely dangerous the way, and closed are the Waters of Death, which bolt its entrance. Drink ale, the custom of the land!

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