the Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Many classic works of art were kept away from the general public because they were bought and displayed in private galleries by the ruling elite. Since the original art was unavailable, companies mass-produced prints, postcards and tea towels that de-contextualized and cheapened the original. Owing to its brutal simplicity, images created or edited in Paint have a very distinctive style. Photographs of Leonardo da Vincis Mona Lisa roused people to want to see the original.(Warner Marien, 2002,. On should student be banned from porn sites the whole I agree with. The Galleries as a result became full, bloated and vulgar. Unlike previous forms of money, is not bound by the same restraints of time. Along with Movie Maker and Flash, it was in the hands of millions of users by 2003. Hard pixels, jagged lines, messy fills, and 28 obnoxious colors.

Really, Paint is important purely by circumstance. Until the late 90s, creators and consumers were held back from freely distributing and consuming content by industry gatekeepers. However the essay also contends that authenticity is lost (in reproduction noting even the most globalization In The New Century perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one element: its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens. As Microsoft throws Paint into the digital wasteland with the rest of the internets abandonware, its hard not to get nostalgic about the simple graphical editor that influenced the shit is good aesthetic of the early 2000s internet. What do I think about Benjamins viewpoint? Its popularity came in time for the explosion of internet creativity facilitated by sites like 4chan, Newgrounds, b3ta and, later,. Ravilious Study Visit Barnstaple). (The word aura having clearly religious connotations today we might find it predominantly in esoteric and spiritual traditions, often described as a luminous radiation surrounding an object or a person ). Warner Marien who writes: Benjamin was wrong about the special aura tha unique objects have. Marxist theorists like Benjamin saw that art, like many aspects of culture, started out as being for the common person but was seized by the upper classes.

Freedom of expression and democratic consumption hit new peaks, and put the power to create and distribute media in the hands of anyone with a dial-up modem. Out of all the media created on the internet, the best known and most widely distributed kind of content is memes. Issue #1: Birth, which you can read more about here.

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