the Religion in Ancient Greece

an overview of how the ancient Greeks used to think and live. Archaic, classical, hellenistic, history Culture Special Topics, mythology. Since the 2008 economic crisis many Sikhs have migrated to other countries, many of whom being Britain, Canada, and Germany Buddhism edit See also: Greco-Buddhism The number of the followers is not so high amongst the Greeks but it has increased during the last decades. Visit the, acropolis of Athens, the ancient statues reveal themselves in new light with every visit. Another section is dedicated to the twelve gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus such us Zeus, Hera, Apollo and Aphrodite and their attributes, character traits and life as the ancient Greeks used to think of them.

the Religion in Ancient Greece

Religion was important to the ancient, greeks because they believed that it would make their lives better while they were living. They also believed the gods would take care of them when they died.

More Ancient Greece: Travel Resources 1998-. Archaic, classical, post-Classical, ottoman, modern, the Agora of Athens, from the 6th and until the 2nd century BCE the Agora as the heart of the government, as a public place of debate, as a place of worship, and as marketplace, played a central role. 14 On the Hellenic ethnic religion was officially recognized by the Greek state. The pictures of the ancient statues cannot replace the magic of standing in front of Zeus' presence.

The Catholic community has increased in size in recent years due to immigration and today number over 200,000. Each city-state in ancient Greece had its own government and its own way of doing things. Synod of Apostolic Church of Christ Archived at the Wayback Machine. The process of receiving permission from the Ministry of Education and Religion baldwins Theory of His Americ to operate as a church is becoming easier. "International Religious Freedom Report 2007: Greece ". On March 1, 2006, the Greek government passed a law allowing cremation. According to archaeological and historical sources the story of Greece began deep in prehistory, and has continued to our days. On March 1, 2006, the Greek government passed a law allowing cremation, 19 a move welcomed by both Sikhs and Hindus. 11 Armenian Church edit See also: Armenians in Greece The presence of Armenians in Greece dates back centuries (from the Byzantine period when Armenians settled in Thessalia, Macedonia, Thrace and the islands of Crete and Corfu for various reasons such as war or business.

In The Early Times of Greece, and Rome, Good and Evil in Religion - The Exorcist,